26 May 2010

The memories of you will never die by the time

I will not cry, will not blame of losing you from my life, because i have been knowing, you have been happy without me by your side, without my egoist for this long time. Pardon me....

After these long time we have made so many stories, also so many beautifull stories between us, when we were laughing, when we were down and we were trying to face the problem together.
Your amazing smile, laughter and sadness, i still remember those all in my memories, and i will never forget it from my life because your kindness and your sacrifice.

You tried to make me survive from my sadness, you helped me to go a head and gave me inspirations in many ways.
Remember when we were together made a true love story.. But.. Those all became pieces of story. That i will save in my memories, there is no place in my heart if not you.

You and Our Memories

will always be saved in

my heart


  1. :)
    this good my brother ,,,,'
    you're dilligent ...
    i like u ...

  2. @Mala...
    Thanks a lot... :)